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We know you love your shiny new iPhone. We've focused on bringing you the best lottery service delivered straight to your smartphone. Did we mention that its 100% FREE to download!

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We provide a much safer lottery than you're probably used to. You get a digital receipt and image of your ticket thats attached to your profile. There's no way anyone else can claim your winnings!

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Jackpocket acts as a courier service between you and official lottery retailers. Think of us as a best friend with a perfect memory who buys tickets on your behalf and never loses a ticket!

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How it works

The magic behind Jackpocket

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Play games you know right from your smartphone

Our system prints your numbers and we purchase from partnered state retailers.

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We digitally process and upload your tickets to your user account. Finally, a safe and secure lottery!

You'll receive a notification when your ticket is able to be viewed, and after we've matched results to let you know that you've won.

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Your winnings are available instantly and can be used towards new plays or withdrawn to a bank account or your debit card.

Where can you play?

We use GPS to ensure you're in a state we support.

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    New York

    8 Games Supported

  • State ca c564144d35010f53f75bca70530edfac6ed2ac6e8f1d5bf19d043d32013bd6cb


    Coming Soon

  • State nj f1098f39a3a81dee28290c968d522c28a57bc0eb1eadc30ee18bb132aadab6ae

    New Jersey

    Coming Soon

What our users are saying...

Over $25,000 has been won in our beta

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    Jason Fertel

    Computer Engineer

    "As a developer I'm critical of a good tech product but Jackpocket really delivers. Plus I won $40 on my first game!"

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    Frank Denbow

    Startup Treads Founder

    "Jackpocket is a fun and addictive app! It's the app my aunt gets excited about."

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    Sadie Kurzban

    305 Fitness Founder

    "I never really played the lottery before using Jackpocket. Now whenever the jackpot gets big I make sure to play."

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