About the App

Jackpocket is a digital courier service that lets you play the official state lottery right from your phone. We currently only offer gameplay in New York but will be quickly expanding to other states shortly. We purchase tickets from official lottery retailers and digitize the experience for our users. The see the magic behind the app take a look at our “How it Works” video found.

About Us

Jackpocket was created in SoHo New York at the heart of Silicon Alley. We’re passionate about creating the best lottery experience while trying to bring the industry into 2015 using the most bleeding edge technology. Our mission is help states create incremental revenue to benefit social causes like education, elderly care and veteran services while also providing ultra transparency and fully ethical approach. We think playing the lottery should be fun and take abusive play seriously. We’ve taken initiatives to ensure users are playing responsibly which can be found here.

Brand Assets

Thanks for your interest in Jackpocket! We’ve done our best to take a fresh, new, and current take on branding. We have a few guidelines for using Jackpocket’s brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them. You can download individual assets in each or if you want the whole jackpot, download the .zip file below.

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Jackpocket Logo

Light Logo on Dark Background

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Dark Logo on Light Background

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Jackpocket App Icon

The Jackpocket App Icon:

Jackpocket is a play on words from the ability to win a jackpot right from the phone in your pocket. Our app icon showcases a lottery ball inside a pocket to symbolize the convenience of playing the lottery anywhere. Download the icon below.

App Icon
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Meet Jack

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Jack is a jackrabbit. He’s our mascot and he loves when our users win big. He’s here to help users throughout the app. Don’t worry, he’s over 18. Celts, around 600 B.C. associated rabbits with good fortune. The whole rabbit, not just the foot. According to Celtic folklore, the fact that rabbits lived in burrows deep underground meant that they were in direct communication with the gods and spirits of the underworld.

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Peter River Blue

We love high quality flat design, so we’ve based our color palette to work well together. Our base color is called “Peter River Blue” and it can be found throughout our branding.



App Screenshots

Here are a bunch can utilize throughout your articles. We’ve included real life mockups as well as some framed screenshots. Feel free to use them when writing articles or referencing Jackpocket.

Jackpocket App Screenshots and Mockups

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have tons of questions about the service. We hope we’re one step ahead of you and have answered all your questions in our FAQ. The FAQ is also available right inside the app if you have any problems.

Visit the FAQ Page

The Team

The company was founded by Peter Sullivan; a serial, venture-backed entrepreneur.

Our team includes some of the brightest young talent in mobile app development. We’re proud members of WeWork Labs and are currently looking for more amazing people to join the team. Apply here.

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