South Dakota

South Dakota (SD) Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Get the latest South Dakota lottery results and winning numbers for all state games including: Dakota Cash, Lucky For Life, Lotto America, Powerball & Mega Millions

South Dakota Lottery Drawing Schedule

Draw Times

Mega Millions3:00 AM3:00 AM
Lotto America3:00 AM3:00 AM3:00 AM
Powerball2:59 AM2:59 AM2:59 AM
Wild Card2:40 AM2:40 AM
Hot Lotto2:40 AM2:40 AM
Dakota Cash2:00 AM2:00 AM
All times shown are in Coordinated Universal Time (GMT+0)

Frequently Asked Questions

About the South Dakota State Lottery

South Dakota's lottery program returns a significant portion of its revenue to the state.  Nearly all earnings directly benefit South Dakotans. Last year, education received over half of the $181 million raised, with additional funds supporting infrastructure, environmental protection, and various public programs.