Oregon Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Get the latest Oregon lottery results and winning numbers for all state games including: Pick 4, Win for Life, Lucky Lines, Megabucks, Powerball & Mega Million

Oregon Lottery Drawing Schedule

Mega Millions3:00 AM3:00 AM
Pick 4, 10PM5:00 AM5:00 AM5:00 AM5:00 AM5:00 AM5:00 AM5:00 AM
Powerball2:59 AM2:59 AM2:59 AM
Oregon's Game Megabucks2:29 AM2:29 AM2:29 AM
Win for Life2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM
Pick 4, 7PM2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM2:00 AM
Lucky Lines1:00 AM1:00 AM1:00 AM1:00 AM1:00 AM1:00 AM1:00 AM
Pick 4, 4PM11:00 PM11:00 PM11:00 PM11:00 PM11:00 PM11:00 PM11:00 PM
Pick 4, 1PM8:00 PM8:00 PM8:00 PM8:00 PM8:00 PM8:00 PM8:00 PM
All times shown are in Coordinated Universal Time (GMT+0)


About the Oregon State Lottery

Oregon has been involved in the lottery since 1985. The first game available was an instant-win game, but it was soon followed by the jackpot game Megabucks (still a hugely popular game in the state). Video Lottery Terminals were first introduced in Oregon in 1992. They were the first state to use them. 

Oregon funds many state programs with lottery proceeds. These funds support public schools, veteran’s programs, state parks, natural habitats and economic growth throughout the state.

How to Claim Your Lottery Winnings in Oregon

Here’s what happens if you win in the latest Oregon state lottery results.

Prizes up to $600: If you ordered your ticket through Jackpocket, we'll credit your account automatically if you win up to $600.

Bigger prizes: If you win a higher amount, you’ll need to claim your winnings through the Oregon Lottery Prize Payment Center or via mail. 

Prizes up to $50,000 can be claimed by mail. Prizes above $50,000 can be claimed at either the Wilsonville or Salem Prize Payment Centers with an appointment. See the Oregon State Lottery website for further details.