Minnesota Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Get the latest MN lottery results and winning numbers for all state games including: Pick 3, North 5, Gopher 5, Lotto America, Powerball & Mega Millions

Minnesota Lottery Drawing Schedule

Mega Millions3:00 AM3:00 AM
Gopher 511:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM
Lotto America3:00 AM3:00 AM3:00 AM
Powerball2:59 AM2:59 AM2:59 AM
Hot Lotto2:40 AM2:40 AM
Lucky For Life2:38 AM2:38 AM2:38 AM2:38 AM2:38 AM2:38 AM2:38 AM
All or Nothing Eve1:45 AM1:45 AM1:45 AM1:45 AM1:45 AM1:45 AM1:45 AM
North 511:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM
Pick 311:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM11:17 PM
All or Nothing Day5:45 PM5:45 PM5:45 PM5:45 PM5:45 PM5:45 PM5:45 PM
All times shown are in Coordinated Universal Time (GMT+0)


About the Minnesota State Lottery

The Minnesota State Lottery was voted into existence in 1989. Right away, they were part of Powerball, with tickets going on sale in 1990. Mega Millions joined in the fun in 2010.

A portion of every lottery ticket funds state programs, including the state general fund, environmental and natural resources programs, the game and fish department and others.

How to Claim Minnesota Lottery Winnings

The latest MN lottery results are in. If you ordered your ticket with Jackpocket, we will credit your account automatically if you win up to $599.99 (the retailer threshold in MN). 

According to the Minnesota Lottery, prizes up to $50,000 can be claimed by mail (please allow several days for processing) or in person at the Roseville, Virginia, Detroit Lakes, or Owatonna offices during business hours. 

Prizes over $50,000 can only be redeemed at the Roseville office. Appointments are recommended, though not required.