Senior Ruby Developer

Jackpocket is looking to hire a senior developer with experience working on large Rails applications. They should have considerable knowledge about Rails, it's strengths, and it's weaknesses. This position will be fully responsible for complex tasks from concept to inception. They should be passionate about coding. They should care about the quality of their work, confident enough to move quickly, but still open to learning and expanding their skills. This position will have the opportunity to grow into a leadership role as the team expands. They should have strong collaborative skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with teammates. Come tackle fun, challenging programming problems with a wide variety of technology.


  • 5+ years web development in Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience with scaling a large Rails application. Skills should include code optimization, caching, and the ability to debug bottlenecks.
  • Unit and integration testing.
  • Cares about code quality. Follows best practices, and enjoys refactoring their code.
  • Proficient with relational databases outside of Rails. Should be capable of writing raw SQL queries.
  • Experience building and integrating with RESTful JSON API's.
  • Experience working in a development team. Collaboration and communication skills are a must.


  • Experience with other popular web frameworks.
  • Worked with native mobile technology (Android/Java, Swift/Objective C, Ionic/Angular, React Native).
  • Experience working in a typed compiled language. Extra points for functional languages like OCaml, Haskell, Clojure, and Erlang/Elixir.
  • Has systems development experience.
  • Worked with containerization technology like Docker.
  • Worked with modern front-end tech like ES6/7, Typescript, React, Angular, etc.